The following programs were written because of my excitement for the game of Go. I removed the Gotator (a game recorder for DOS) because a further development will not take place. Those still interested in it are welcome to send me a mail.

TI-Go and TI-Go-View (German) or TI-Go and TI-Go-View (English) are designed for recording and replaying games on the Texas Instrument TI-89.

Games recorded with TI-Go can be translated into SGF format with this converter.

New: I included a converter in the TI-Go/TI-Go-View-package, that prepares sgf-files for being replayed on the TI. Replaying is restricted to the main game thread, since ti-goview cannot deal with variations, comments etc. But this is still something, isn't it?
screenshot of TI-Go-View

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last update: 03/26/2008